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Provider of hypnobirthing courses and Doula services in the Cardiff area

Natal Hypnotherapy is the UK's no. 1 hypnobirthing method, teaching you easy, effective and powerful techniques for a calm and relaxed birth. It is recommended by 97% of women who have tried it and is endorsed by many celebrities including Greg Rutherford, Nell McAndrew and James Cracknell.


My antenatal classes are run over 2 weekend days, or 4 evenings and are a great way to meet other couples preparing for birth. I teach easy to use relaxation and pain management techniques. During the sessions I use PowerPoint, videos, interactive sessions, group work, couple work and hypnosis relaxation sessions in order to make you feel more at ease and confident about your birth experience.

Natal Hypnotherapy

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Course Content

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Weekly Pregnancy Relaxation Hour

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Doula Services

I am pleased to be offering doula services as part of the South Wales Doulas network.

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