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Hi and welcome to You, Me & Baby

I'm assuming you have found me because you are pregnant and have some fear surrounding the upcoming birth of your baby? Perhaps you're a first time mum who has heard lots of horror stories about birth, or perhaps you are a second or third time mum who felt out of control during previous labours. Or perhaps you are a birth partner and want to learn how to best support your partner throughout her labour.

Well firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy! And secondly, I can definitely help you :)

On my hypnobirthing course, I will work with you and your birth partner, teaching you an easy to use but extremely effective set of tools and techniques to enable you to have a positive birth experience.

The techniques you learn can be used in any setting, with whatever birth you are planning. They don't require you to change the language you use or have any special breathing patterns you need to remember.

Here are some comments from clients reviews (you can read the full reviews on facebook):

"Hypnobirthing is amazing"

"Throughout pregnancy, Jenny was very supportive and she and the natal hypnotherapy gave me the confidence to push to have the birth I wanted. I would highly recommend."

"using your techniques and CD made me go from wanting to opt for a cesarean delivery to managing to deliver my baby without any pain relief!"

"Thanks to Jenny's knowledge and support I had the most amazing birth experience I could have asked for."

"Jenny I can't thank you enough! I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting a calm and empowering birth experience."