Would you like to feel calm, and in control of your birth?

I offer a one day hypnobirth course for women and their birth partners that will help you:

  1. Understand how the body works during labour
  2. Overcome fear and anxiety
  3. Learn practical ways to cope with the pain
  4. Know your options & understand what to do if things don't go to plan

You will come away feeling calm, confident and excited about your birth.

Your birth partner will finally understand how they can best support you throughout each stage of labour - no more feeling like a spare part!

After the birth, you will feel awesome - like you can do anything!

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Birthlight Yoga

I also offer a weekly session for pregnant women (from 14 weeks onwards), which is the perfect way to escape the stresses and strains of your daily life, and spend time bonding with your baby and preparing for your birth. 

"I'll really miss the classes and the like-minded ladies I've met through this great experience."

Hypnobirth Waterbirth

"From being very anxious about the birth, I have been gently encouraged to change my mindset so I feel more comfortable and confident with my impending birth."

"Jenny I can't thank you enough! I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting a calm and empowering birth experience."

Hypnobirthing Cardiff

"Thanks to Jenny's knowledge and support I had the most amazing birth experience I could have asked for."


Don't be put off by the name 'hypnobirthing', there is nothing weird or wacky about this course. What I teach is science based and backed up with clinical research. Click for more information about what hypnobirthing is?

The benefits of hypnosis for birth:

  • Less reported pain
  •  Shorter labour
  • Less medication
  • More frequent spontaneous births (i.e no need for induction of labour)
  • Fewer incidence of post natal depression

Click here to discover even more amazing benefits of hypnobirthing for mum, partner and baby.

The techniques you learn can be used in any setting, with whatever birth you are planning. 

 "I was a bit of a skeptic and you've completely changed my mind! I had a lot of worries and anxiety about the birth of my baby and using your techniques and CD made me go from wanting to opt for a caesarean delivery to managing to deliver my baby without any pain relief!"

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