Birth Support

Do you wish you could have someone by your side during labour who knows exactly how to create your ideal birthing environment. Someone who will stay calm and relaxed to allow you to follow your birthing instinct? Someone who can protect your space as you labour. Someone who will provide unconditional support? Someone who will provide unbiased information to enable you and your partner to make an informed choice?

Then you need a doula!

But I have a midwife and a birth partner, why do I need a doula?

Unlike a midwife, who has to deal with lots of other women and do paperwork at the same time as looking after you, your doula will be by your side throughout your entire labour so you will always have support if you need it. Your doula will know exactly how to create your ideal birthing environment and will allow you to follow your birthing instincts? If you already have a birth partner, your doula will support both of you, giving you knowledge and confidence.

It is often said that the role of a doula is to 'mother the mother'. A doula is not a medical professional and will not offer medical advice.

However and wherever you plan to give birth, a doula can be invaluable.
Doula support Cardiff

Doula support Cardiff

I am currently not able to offer birth support due to my young family, but I work as part of the South Wales Doulas network which has lots of lovely, supportive women who can help you. I will be happy to recommend someone based on your particular location and circumstances.

Antenatal planning session

You can use this 1 hour session to discuss anything you want to about your birth. We can explore your options, help you understand the benefits and risks of each option, and I will support you in any decision you make. This can be done either in person (within a 15 mile radius of CF3 2NN), or online via Zoom (similar to skype but more reliable).
£30 per session
(mileage is applicable for journeys more than 15 miles from CF3 2NN)