Are you put off by the 'hypno' in hypnobirthing?

Well there really is no need.

Perhaps it conjours up images of dodgy entertainers on holiday or TV shows, or someone waving a watch in front of your face?

Maybe you're worried about being under someone else's control? Being made to do something stupid?

Or perhaps it's just that you think it's all a load of rubbish and wouldn't work on you?

Well I can reassure you that none of that is true!

The 'hypno' in hypnobirthing simply refers to a natural state that we all experience many times a day. A bit like a daydream, where you mind wanders.

And there are a few reasons it is so beneficial:

1) You can learn how to relax your body so that it can do what it needs to do without you tensing up and fighting it.

2) You can reprogramme your mind to respond in a positive way to your contractions or the thing that causes you anxiety or fear.

3) Relaxation is absolutely vital during pregnancy. It will help your baby get maximum levels of nutrients and oxygen because you will have more effective breathing and better blood flow. Hypnobirthing means you spend time relaxing frequently, and also increases the time you spend bonding with your baby.

4) The techniques you learn will help you recover more quickly after the birth, and give you vital coping mechanisms for your new life as a mum

Everyone can learn how to enter this deep state of relaxation, the more practice, the better.

During my one day hypnobirthing course, I won't be waving my stopwatch in your face, I will just teach you simple but effective ways to deeply relax. There is nothing sinister about it, I’m not putting you under my control, or anyone elses. You are in charge at all times and the purpose of the course is to teach you how to relax yourself. You will listen to hypnobirthing tracks as often as possible to really train your body to be able to relax more easily and more quickly so that by the time you go into labour, your body will relax to allow your uterus and cervix do what they need to do to allow your baby to be born.

And it’s not all relaxation, you’ll also get all the antenatal information you need, practical tools and techniques to help you cope with your contractions, and to be able to make any difficult decisions that may arise during pregnancy or labours so that no matter which direction your birth takes you, you remain calm and in control, and I’ll be here to support you through it all.

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