How Bridget Jones’s birth could have been (if she’d completed my hypnobirthing course)

Spoiler alert if you haven't seen the film yet!

I watched Bridget Jones’s Baby this weekend and then found out that Renée Zellweger had watched One Born Every Minute to prepare for her role. That will explain the fact that Bridget Jones gave birth lying on her back screaming, punched one of the birth partners in the face and gave the other one a bite on the wrist!

So how could things have been different if she’d completed my hypnobirthing course:

We saw Bridget and her birth partners taking antenatal classes, so they knew what to expect during labour. But the birth partners would have had a much better understanding of birth and how best they could support Bridget if they’d completed my course. Bridget herself would have been feeling really confident and excited instead of apprehensive and concerned about the birth.

When her waters broke, Bridget and her birth partners would have been excited but they wouldn’t have panicked and rushed straight to hospital. Bridget would have spent some time listening to her hypnobirthing tracks and feeling relaxed, calm and looking forward to the birth of her baby.

Once they arrived at the hospital, the birth partners would have set the room up so it was a familiar environment for Bridget. Perhaps they would have taken a pillow or blanket in from home or turned the lights down to make the room cozy. They may have had a word with the obstetrician to encourage the use of positive language and not disturb Bridget too much.

Bridget was using her birthing ball and different positions to start off with which was great. However, the obstetrician wanted to do a cervical examination and asked Bridget to lie on her back on the bed which is where she then stayed for the rest of the birth. If the dads had been on my course, they would have known to remind Bridget to try a different position. They would also have understood the different stages of labour, and when to match Bridget’s mood. This would have avoided the punch in the nose for Jack!

If Bridget, Jack & Mark had learnt the really simple relaxation techniques I teach, Bridget wouldn’t have bitten Marks wrist because she would have had much better ways of coping with her pain.

So if you would like to prepare for your birth in the most positive way then visit for more information, or give me a call to discuss your options.