“I can’t afford to do hypnobirthing”

When I was pregnant with my first baby, and came across hypnobirthing, I really worried about spending the money on a course, I didn’t know anyone who had done it and I wasn’t sure it would work for me.

It can be such an expensive time and we were trying to do everything on a budget.

But I knew that this was a day I would remember for the rest of my life, and if there was something that could help me stay calm and in control then it was definitely worth investing in.

So we bought a cheaper pushchair, we didn’t buy matching furniture for the nursery, just an ikea wardrobe and cotbed. We didn’t buy many clothes or toys.

I chose to invest in myself and the birth and I am so glad I did. It wasn’t even that much money in the scheme of things....what is £200 when you are talking about your body, your post natal recovery, your mental health, starting life as a new mum without lots of the issues that a bad birth experience can cause.

Not that there are any guarantees with hypnobirthing, and you have to put the work in. But you are stacking the odds massively in your favour. You are increasing your chances of avoiding unnecessary interventions, of staying in control and coming out the other side feeling positive about it.

That has got to be worth a couple of hundred quid!

So when I hear people say “I can’t afford to do hypnobirthing” I can’t help feeling frustrated. I want them to realise how important the birth is to the rest of their lives. What an imprint it will make on them. How it will affect their life as a new mum.

The birth to them is an afterthought, something they will just deal with on the day. They might be spending upwards of £1,000 on a designer ‘travel system', or on matching nursery furniture. They may have been persuaded to buy gadgets and equipment for the baby that it doesn’t need, and probably amassed a lot of gorgeous clothes.

Birth preparation didn’t make it onto the list of things to buy.

Perhaps they’re just going to 'go with the flow' (& I’ve written about the dangers of that before).

It just makes me so sad and frustrated, because I have seen too many women come to me following a difficult first birth, wishing they had known more, wishing that they had prepared differently. Many women wrongly assume that there is nothing they can influence about their birth, nothing they can do to make things go a different way. But I know that isn’t true. Yes, birth can be unpredictable but there are so many ways you can help your birth go more smoothly, ways to avoid unnecessary interventions, ways to stay in control!

So when you are putting together your list of things to buy for the baby.... please remember your birth preparation. And don’t pick an antenatal class just because you’ve been told it’s a good way to make friends! Pick one that is going to completely prepare you for birth and equip you and your birth partner to deal with it.

There are plenty of other ways to make friends during your pregnancy (like my weekly pregnancy yoga class) or after the baby is born (I will be arranging social events in my facebook group)

Please note, if you genuinely can't afford the cost of a hypnobirthing course, I offer one space on each group course at a 50% concessionary rate and have regular special offers.  I also sell gift vouchers, so why not ask your friends and family to contribute to your course instead of buying you more clothes than a baby could ever wear!

I have one space left for my September hypnobirthing course so if you’d like to find out more go to www.youmeandbaby.co.uk