No means no

Do you know that as a pregnant woman, or a woman in labour, you can say NO!
You can say no to pretty much anything. Because it is your body and your baby.

So often, interventions and other procedures are presented to pregnant women as if they have no choice. 
So many women I speak to felt bullied and coerced into choices they didn't understand or didn't want.
👊You can say NO to induction (because there are other options available)
👊You can say NO to tests (most evidence suggests routine antenatal testing doesn't improve outcomes for mums or babies)
👊You can say NO to growth scans (which are largely inaccurate and mostly cause unnecessary fear and anxiety)
👊You can say NO to lying on your back to give birth (because being upright and forward can give you up to 28% more space in your pelvis
👊You can say NO to birthing in a hospital (for many mums they are just as safe, and at less risk of unnecessary intervention by birthing in a birth center or at home)
👊You can say NO to continuous monitoring (because the evidence suggests this doesn't improve outcomes for mum or baby.

So next time you're in a situation and you don't understand what is happening or why it's happening or what the risks or benefits are; 
Stop, say no* and ask for more time/information/support to help you make an informed decision that you are comfortable with.

*Obviously I'm not suggesting this applies in an emergency situation.
I'm also not suggesting you say no to everything. I would just love every pregnant/ birthing woman to understand their options and be supported to have a positive birth.

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