Please stop telling me I’m brave!

Whenever someone asks me where I’m going to give birth and I tell them I am having a home birth, the majority of people respond by telling me how brave I am.

But to me that implies that I’m taking a risk, risking my safety or that of my baby. Why else would it be brave to birth at home?
And I guess that is what the vast majority of society think. That birth is risky and it’s better to be in hospital in case anything goes wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, birth is risky, as is EVERYTHING in life! I take a risk every single day by driving my car or crossing the road. I make decisions when taking everyday actions to reduce my risks, and I accept the remaining risk as part of life.

In the same way, I will make decisions about all the things I can do to help reduce the risks of giving birth, and I will accept the remaining risk (as I would no matter where I chose to give birth).

I am educated and informed. I know that the statistics prove that I am just as safe at home, as I would be in a birth centre. And in fact I am safer at home than a delivery suite/obstetric unit.

I understand the process of birth.
I know what will be going on inside my body, and I know all the ways in which I can influence my birth to go as smoothly as possible.
I will have my birth partner(s) to support me, to help me stay calm and relaxed and they will use all the tools I’ve taught them to help me if I start to freak out!

I’m not saying that homebirth is the right choice for everyone, it doesn’t matter to me where you plan to give birth, I can help you.

If you don’t know much about labour, how your body will work in labour, and how you can help the birth process then you need to attend my hypnobirthing course. I will teach you everything you need to know.

And this isn’t about a 'perfect' birth. This is about a positive birth. One where you feel in control. One where you make the decisions. One where you aren’t left traumatised.

If you are currently pregnant and freaking out about the thought of giving birth then I would love to chat to you about the ways I can help, and the options you have available to you.