The benefits of my Birthlight pregnancy yoga based classes

The benefits of yoga during pregnancy are well documented. The main benefits are:

  • You learn how to improve your breathing techniques, breathing all the way to your abdomen, working the diaphragm. With the deeper breath, you take in more oxygen which is passed to your baby.
  • You practice relaxation which is extremely important during labour and birth. When you focus your breath, you are able to relax all your muscles, releasing tension. The more you practice this during your pregnancy, the easier your body will find it to relax throughout labour and the birth.
  • You are able to focus on good posture which will alleviate many symptoms often associated with pregnancy such as lower back pain, pelvic discomfort and you will strengthen your core.
  • You will sleep better, and find it easier to fall back to sleep when you wake up at night (with all those middle-of-the-night trips to the loo!)
  • You will reduce stress and anxiety.

What makes Birthlight different?

Not all yoga is beneficial for pregnant women, many practices can be uncomfortable, and even harmful, during pregnancy.

Birthlight pregnancy yoga incorporates carefully selected and long tested classic yoga practices for the specific benefit of you, the pregnant woman. The aim is to enhance your enjoyment of this special time.

Birthlight pregnancy yoga is simple and accessible to all women, regardless of their fitness levels, condition and cultural background. My pregnancy yoga based classes offer social, emotional, psychological and physical awareness of pregnancy, providing good preparation for birth and the postnatal period.

I am trained in using yoga based practices to relieve many specific pregnancy ailments such as SPD/PGP, leg cramps, headaches, heartburn and indigestion, lower and upper back pain, sciatica, and oedema (swelling). I discuss ways to help your baby get into the best position for birth, and we always end with a lovely relaxation session which helps to reduce anxiety and teaches you ways to relax your body during labour.

The biggest difference with Birthlight compared to most other pregnancy yoga classes is that the emphasis is on preparing your body and mind for the birth. We discuss many aspects of birth so you are fully informed and well prepared. We spend time looking at positions and techniques you can use throughout your labour and birth, including ways your birth partner can support you.

My Birthlight pregnancy yoga based classes are a fantastic way to prepare your body for birth and really complement my hypnobirthing course, with many women choosing to take both and finding them both extremely effective.

"Beginning or continuing a moderate course of exercise during pregnancy is associated with positive outcomes for birth" (NICE guidelines 5.10)