The best part of being pregnant?

Following on from my posts about the worst part of being pregnant, I wanted to celebrate all the amazing things about being pregnant so here is my top 10!

  1. Not having to hold your stomach in! Be proud of your bump.
  2. Seeing your baby at the scan for the first time. No-one can prepare you for this, it is such a special moment.
  3. Shopping for all the cute baby items.
  4. Boobs!
  5. The extra attention you get from other people, just seeing your bump is enough to make a stranger smile.
  6. Feeling your baby moving around inside you, the secret communication you have with your baby whilst everyone around you is oblivious. Best. Feeling. Ever.
  7. Dreaming about the future and how different things are going to be once baby arrives.
  8. Discussing baby names.
  9. Being in awe at how clever the human body is and how much work your body is doing to grow this little human inside.
  10. Seeing other children be loving towards your bump, my toddler loves to kiss mine and say hello to baby.

I actually missed being pregnant after my first child was born, even though I then had a wonderful newborn baby!

What have I missed? What did you/do you love about being pregnant?