The worst part of being pregnant? Part 2

So in part 1 I discussed morning sickness.

But what are the other things we suffer with in pregnancy?

  • Back ache. I was in agony for the last couple of months of my first pregnancy, especially sitting at my desk at work.
  • Heart burn/indigestion. Pregnant women are very prone to indigestion partly due to hormones, and partly due to the womb pressing on your stomach as the baby grows.
  • Having to pee constantly!
  • Feeling exhausted. Trying to keep the secret in early pregnancy whilst feeling like you've been run over by a bus is so difficult.
  • Being public property. Apparently it is now ok for strangers to touch your bump, or give you advice. Get used to it because once you have the baby the 'advice' just keeps on coming!
  • Sleep issues. I struggled with sleep a lot in my first pregnancy, until I discovered guided hypnosis. This time around, I am able to just switch on my Pregnancy Relaxation track and it helps to clear my mind and relax me ready for sleep.
  • Not being able to bend over - I had to rely on my husband to do the simplest of task for me, like putting my socks on!

I personally have experienced infertility so I understand how hard it is to listen to pregnant women moan when you would give your right arm to be in their situation. But I do think that pregnant women are entitled to the odd moan because growing a little person is a very difficult job that completely turns your world upside down.

Have you got anything you would add to this list?