Have you suffered a traumatic birth experience?

In my job working with pregnant women, and as a mum myself, I meet lots of mums (and birth partners) who have had, or witnessed, a difficult, often traumatic, birth.

I see the effect that this can have on them and their families.

Often, these parents may have tried to get on with their lives, they may have tried to bury their feelings.

Some may cope well day to day, but then something will trigger their memory and they might experience a panic attack, anxiety or flashbacks.

Others may continuously relive the birth, experiencing anger, resentment and feeling disconnected from their baby or their partner.

We hear all too often "all that matters is a healthy baby", but that can leave a traumatised parent feeling confused about their feelings, making them feel like they don't matter, and can further exacerbate the feelings of anxiety and disappointment, and can lead to depression and more long term mental health issues.

But the good news is that there is a very simple and effective technique known as the '3 step rewind' which can immediately lift the negative symptoms of PTSD, helping you to move forward with your life, no longer experiencing flashbacks or constantly being retriggered.

I have seen life changing transformations using this technique and am always amazed at the immediate change in a parent who has come to me for this treatment.

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