What happens when the unpredictable happens?

Some people think there is no point in preparing for birth because it is so unpredictable and you’ll just get your hopes up and then be disappointed when things don’t go to plan. (FYI I totally disagree and have written about the dangers of 'going with the flow' before).

So what happens when the unpredictable happens?

Well firstly, the knowledge you gain on my hypnobirthing course means that you can really stack the odds in your favour by understanding how to help baby get into a good position for birth, and knowing what labour and birth positions can make for a smoother labour, as well as a lot of other important tips and tricks to help you out during your labour.

But there are still many things that can throw a curveball at you, before and during your birth, so then what?

I have worked with women who’ve had to deal with so many twists and turns during their pregnancy and birth but were able to stay in control of the situation. They knew what questions to ask, how to gather all the information they need to make an informed choice, and were confident in their decisions.

Some mums have needed to make big decisions regarding whether or not to opt for a caesarean due to baby’s position, or for other medical reasons, decisions regarding where they will give birth due to certain risk factors they face, decisions regarding monitoring of themselves and the baby, decisions about induction for a variety of different reasons, decisions regarding pain relief, and decisions about whether to undergo tests for certain conditions/concerns.

They have been able to make these huge decisions and remain calm and confident, because of all the knowledge they’ve gained from my hypnobirthing course.

And because they have been confident and in control, they have then found themselves extremely well support, treated with respect and have come out the other side feeling totally in control and extremely positive about the whole experience.

Unfortunately that isn’t many women’s experience. Many women go into labour and have no idea what to expect, how to make decisions, what the real risks or benefits are for them, that there is often an alternative course of action they can take. They lose control, other people make decisions for them, and they come out the other side feeling totally let down, unsupported, not listened to and really disappointed in the whole experience. So then they think there was no point in planning for their birth because all of that would have happened even if they had.

Wouldn't it be better to stack all the odds in your favour to make things go smoother, to stay calm and in control, and come out the other side feeling powerful.

Your baby's birth is a day you will remember for the rest of your life....make it a positive one.

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