What have Coldplay got to do with hypnobirthing?!

All will become clear!

There is a question that comes up time and time again in various groups and forums so I want to answer it today.

"Why bother doing a hypnobirthing course when you can listen to the tracks and/or read the book?"

How do Coldplay come into this?!

My home city, Cardiff, played host to Coldplay this week; they played 2 gigs and for each one, the city was bustling with the extra 60,000 fans who had tickets. I hadn’t got tickets I’ve just spent the morning looking at photos and watching videos of the gig and thinking how good it would have been to be there. I love listening to live music, it can be so powerful, moving, emotional and exciting. It can evoke memories and feelings.

Coldplay in Cardiff

Then I found this quote about the Coldplay gig and it really reminded me of that hypnobirthing question:

“I don't own any of their albums... I might never do, but I would not miss the chance to see them live again.” Kathryn Williams, Wales Online

That shows just how powerful it is to see a band live. You might not have like a band beforehand, you may never have bought their album or bothered to listen to any of their songs on the radio, but then you see them live! There is a whole different feel and vibe;  you hear different parts of the songs, or new songs, and you can fall in love with a band that you might not have bothered to listen to if you were driving in your car listening to them on the radio. It brings the music alive, adds vibrancy and a new dimension. You have an experience, more than any you would get from listening to an album.

And that is just one of the benefits that attending a hypnobirthing course can have over just using CD’s/books.

The subject comes alive. You really experience the learning in a variety of different ways. You interact and ask questions. Your birth partner is with you and takes in all the important information to be the best support to you throughout each stage of your labour.

You begin to understand the birth process, and what your body needs to do (and not do!) in order to birth your baby. You practice relaxation and can discuss how you feel. You hear other women talking about their worries and realise they are the same as yours. You take comfort in knowing your fears are totally normal.

Your birth partner realises that they have an important job to do, in keeping you calm and relaxed and helping you create the perfect birth environment.

And as any questions or concerns crop up, you can ask throughout the course and ensure you really understand everything.

With my hypnobirthing course, you also get full support from me all the way up to your birth. If you have an appointment with a midwife or consultant, and have questions about how something might affect your birth plan, or if something crops up that makes you nervous or upset, I will be there to support you and help you find a way to deal with it so that you can still achieve your positive birth.

Yes, there are many women out there who have had a very positive experience just using the CD’s/books and it is fantastic that it is accessible for everyone, whatever you budget.

But equally, many women feel the CD’s/book didn’t work and their labour left them feeling really let down and disappointed. There are many reasons for this, but for me, the biggest issue is that my hypnobirthing course is so much more than just learning to relax and breathe for birth (which is all the CDs tend to focus on). The books contain a lot of vital information but you don’t always get the right emphasis. And although you may have read the book, your birth partner probably hasn’t and therefore the birthing woman doesn’t get the full support she needs during the birth.

I have had lots of clients come to me for their second birth and some of them say that they used the hypnobirthing CDs for their first birth and didn’t have a great experience. So second time round, they realise the importance of taking the full course, come to me for help and support, and the results have been very contrasting.

So if you have been thinking you’ll just buy a book/listen to the tracks, perhaps you should think again. Yes, a course is more expensive, but do you think any of the people at that Coldplay gig were regretting buying their ticket, and thinking “I should have just bought the CD instead”?!

Your baby’s birth is a day you will remember for the rest of your life, invest in yourself and make it a positive one.

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