What have scary movies got to do with birth?

As it's Halloween I thought it is a good day to talk about fear, the effect it has on our body and how it can interfere with your birth.

Have you ever watched a scary film and when something scary happens on screen, it makes you jump. Your heart beats faster, your breathing becomes short and fast, you may even get sweaty palms. You can feel your heart thumping for a little while afterwards.

Your body went into fight or flight mode and produced an adrenaline rush which caused all those physical symptoms....but you were never in any danger. You were safe and sound in your house, or the cinema. 

Your mind was tricked into thinking you were in danger and got ready to fight the danger head on, or to run away from it.

So what happens if you go into labour full of fear? When your body produces adrenaline and you go into fight or flight mode?

Well it can interfere in so many ways, here I'm just explaining the 2 most important ones to be aware of.

Firstly, the adrenaline can cause your blood to flow away from your core, to your limbs. Away from your uterus, away from your placenta, away from your baby. This is one of the causes of foetal distress and is often what leads to medical intervention which could so easily have been prevented.

Secondly, the adrenaline interferes with the levels of all your other important birthing hormones and this can slow labour down, can cause you to feel more pain and all of this will often lead to medical intervention, again usually easily prevented.

So what can you do about fear?

Well this is one of the biggest differences between hypnobirthing and other antenatal preparation. You will deal with your fears in advance of labour and learn ways to manage it so that it doesn't impact your birth experience.

Each course I teach is personalised to your particular circumstances, to your particular fears and concerns. And I'm always here for you if anything else comes up after the course. I'm here to support you throughout the rest of your pregnancy.

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