Hypnobirthing FAQs

What is hypnobirthing?

A complete antenatal course that will teach you and your birth partner everything you need to know about birth. You’ll learn how to get baby in to a good position for a smoother labour, tips and tricks to keep you calm so you can manage the pain effectively, and most importantly, you will feel in control throughout each stage of your birth, no matter what happens.

Is hypnobirthing safe?

Yes, 100% safe. There are no negative side effects, only positive benefits.

I’m not susceptible to hypnosis, will hypnobirthing work for me?

Yes, the main thing you need is practice. You need to train your body to be able to relax fully and this only comes with practice. You will receive 4 hypnobirthing tracks to listen to regularly at home, and you will learn simple to use techniques to help with deep relaxation.
I encourage you to book your course early because as soon as you've booked, you will receive your first hypnobirthing track. This begins your journey of learning how to fully relax your body - it's never too early to start!

A great way to start practicing your breathing and relaxation early in your pregnancy is to join my weekly pregnancy yoga class.

 Another great benefit of the course is that your birth partner will learn ways to help you get deeply relaxed and know the signs to look out for if you start to panic during your labour.

Should I bring my partner?

YES! The course is aimed at you and your birth partner and they will go away understanding exactly how they can help you at each stage of your labour. Birth partners also get given a handy wallet sized card with all the important details on just in case they panic and forget!

I don’t have a birth partner, can I still do hypnobirthing?

I do recommend that you have a friend, family member or a doula as your birth partner because it will improve your chances of staying in control and give you extra support if you have to make any difficult decisions along the way. However, if you really don’t have anyone that can be with you, you most definitely can do it on your own, because you have everything you need to birth your baby and hypnobirthing will increase your understanding of your body and increase your confidence. Most midwives are aware of the massive benefits of hypnobirthing now, and will support you.

I’m having a planned caesarean birth, can I still use hypnobirthing?

Yes! There are huge benefits to using hypnobirthing with a planned caesarean including staying calm in the run up to your operation, and a faster recovery time. I have a hypnobirthing track specifically for preparing for the caesarean birth. I can run a private course tailored exactly to your requirements so contact me to discuss how I can help you prepare for your birth.

I’m having twins, can I still use hypnobirthing?

Yes! I can tailor my scripts to include your twins and we can spend time discussing the decisions you will have to make about where and how you give birth. Knowing that you have options for how you give birth is often a revelation for twin mums-to-be. I will support your birth choices and help you prepare for the birth you want.

I have a really low pain threshold and am worried hypnobirthing won’t work for me.

A lot of women say this, I was one of them in my first pregnancy. As long as you spend time practicing the relaxation techniques, training your body to respond by relaxing all your muscles to allow it to do what it needs to do during birth, you will manage the pain. My course will give you so many tools and techniques to keep you calm and in control at each stage of your labour.

I would like to have an epidural, is there any point in doing hypnobirthing?

Absoutely! Using hypnobirthing may mean you get a little further into your labour before you need pain relief, and many women find they don't need any at all, but if you decide that you need additional help, the techniques still work really well alongside all the common methods of pain relief. Remember that hypnobirthing isn't just breathing and relaxing and planning for a 'natural' birth! There is so much more to the course, such as understanding how to get your baby into the best position for birth, and knowing what to expect at each step along the way.

I had a traumatic first birth, can hypnobirthing help me?

Many of my clients have come to me following a traumatic first birth experience. I recommend you first work with me to treat the trauma, and then use hypnobirthing to prepare for the birth of your next child.

What happens on the hypnobirthing course?

We will start by doing a quick introduction about how you came to be on the course and what you hope to get out of it.

You will learn:

  • What hypnobirthing is, and what it isn’t

  • The hypnosis part of hypnobirthing, why we use it and how it works

  • How the human body works during labour

  • The different stages of labour

  • What can interfere with our natural birth process – why we need hypnobirthing

  • How to reduce unnecessary interventions

  • How you can use hypnobirthing with any type of birth including induction and planned caesarean

  • How to use the techniques to work with your body

  • Practical ways to cope with labour

  • What your birth partner can do at each stage to help you stay calm and in control

There will be a few relaxation sessions throughout the day. This is such a lovely chance for you to chill out and spend time bonding with your baby. Birth partners join in too….it’s often the first time they’ve given themselves time to relax and everyone loves it! We’ll have breaks for drinks and snacks throughout (I remember what it is like to be permanently hungry when pregnant!), and a lunch break.

What do I need to bring to the group hypnobirthing course

I encourage you to bring a pillow or cushion and a blanket. This is to make sure you can get nice and comfy for the relaxation sessions. Other than that, just bring yourselves and your lunch. There are shops and a pub nearby so you are able to go and purchase lunch locally if you prefer. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

What happens after the course?

I always tell people on my course that it isn’t enough just to attend for one day then go home and forget it all. To get the most of out it, you need to go home and practice! You should listen to your hypnobirthing tracks as often as possible, particularly in the last few weeks. You should spend time practising the relaxation techniques, on your own as well as with your birth partner. We discuss ways to help baby get into a good position for a smoother birth and that is something you should be aware of throughout the rest of your pregnancy.
You have my full support after the course and can contact me for support or to ask questions. My past clients will attest to the fact that I always go the extra mile for them :)

Does hypnobirthing work?

If you put the effort in, and really understand the purpose of all the things I teach you, hypnobirthing will work for you. Hypnobirthing isn’t about a ‘perfect’ birth (though many of my clients do describe their birth as perfect), it’s about having the knowledge to stay in control no matter what happens.

There is clinical research to prove some of the benefits of hypnobirthing, which are:

  • A reduction in length of labour

  • Less reported pain

  • Reduction in medical intervention and use of forceps or ventouse

  • Reduced Caesarean rate

  • Reduced need for medication

  • Babies tend to have higher APGAR scores (the measure of a newborn babies health immediately after birth)

When should I start?

The earlier you start practicing relaxation and breathing techniques, the better. I advise you to take the hypnobirthing course between 28-32 weeks, but don’t panic if you are already further into your pregnancy than that, it is never too late to start and you will still get the benefits if you practice. If you are currently in early pregnancy, I advise you book your course now, for when you will be around 28-32 weeks, because as soon as you have booked and paid, you will receive your first hypnobirthing track to listen to and begin practicing at home. You can then benefit from my support leading up to the course once you have booked.

How do I book?

Group courses run in Cardiff on the first Saturday of every month.
You can book your place on a group course here:                               

You can book a private course by contacting me to find a suitable date.