Being a mum is the toughest job I've ever had in my life. I had no clue what I was letting myself in for when I had my first baby. The upheaval to my life, the exhaustion, the not knowing what to do, feeling like you're getting it all wrong. Obviously there is also a lot of joy, laughter and fun which just about makes the rest of it bearable.

I am here to support you in your journey into motherhood. Come and join my friendly and supportive facebook group where you can get advice, encouragement and support. It's a place to vent or celebrate, to talk about sleep deprivation or baby poo with people that understand, to discuss the highs and the lows of being a mother.

New mums yoga and social

A brand new weekly class in Cardiff which will help you recover from birth using some gentle yoga techniques, a chance to relax and bond with your baby, and each week we'll have the chance to chat over a cuppa about how we're finding motherhood so far! It will be a place where we can be totally honest about the challenges we're facing, and there will be no judgement, only encouragement. 

Traumatic Birth Recovery

If you have had a previous traumatic birth experience and would like to be free from the symptoms so you can move on, then this effective technique will help you. In just 3 sessions, the majority of people report a significant reduction or complete elimination of PTSD symptoms.

Post Birth Support

I am here to help you in the days/weeks/months following the birth of your baby. I can help you with looking after baby, giving you time to have a shower. I can give you practical support in learning how to bath, change, feed you baby.  I will support the whole family so I can help entertain older siblings, I can do some cooking or light cleaning, I can walk the dog or do your shopping, whatever will make your life easier.  I am your fairy godmother, here to take the load off you and let you enjoy being a mum.

Social events

I hold regular meetups in Cardiff which are open to everyone, pregnant or with baby/toddler. You will get a friendly welcome and the chance to have a chat about anything. Share the ups and downs of motherhood with people who get it. Have a laugh, a cry, a moan, have fun (and there is usually cake!)

You can find details of upcoming events on my facebook page