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Weekly new mums yoga & social

Unlike most other classes which are aimed at baby, this one is all about you!

I have had loads of feedback from new mums who say they would love a class for them, where they have time to chat to other mums, enjoy some time out of the house and have a chance to relax.
(This class is all about you, but obviously baby will come too!)

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This class is suitable from 6 weeks post birth, until your baby is moving. If your baby is already older than this but you're interested in this class please let me know and if I have enough interest I will run a class for mums with older children.

What makes these classes different?

I am a mum of 2 who knows what life is like in those first few weeks and months post birth. It is a rollercoaster of emotions, a steep learning curve and can put a strain on your relationships. You get given so much 'advice' you don't know what to believe, you are sleep deprived, your body is totally different and your life has been turned upside down! Well that's what it felt like for me anyway. I hate to see new mums struggling, thinking everyone around them is doing an amazing job while they can barely get time for a shower! Social media isn't helping - people only showing their 'best bits' so it usually unrealistic.

This group will be the place to get non-judgmental support, to help build your confidence in your ability as a mother and to trust your instincts.  I make sure we have time to chat about how you are feeling and any difficulties you may be facing. I will support you throughout your journey into motherhood, and support the decisions you make regarding your baby.

I am also a qualified Birthlight teacher, so my classes use gentle yoga practices that are safest and most suitable for postnatal women. 

The class is really laid back, you can feed, change, wind or settle your baby whenever necessary (and I'm always on hand to help if you prefer to relax!)

Postnatal yoga Cardiff
Postnatal Yoga Cardiff

How it will help you and your baby

You'll learn some very gentle yoga movements (no previous yoga experience necessary) and breathing exercises to help your body recover post birth (however you gave birth).

Your baby will enjoy watching your movements, and all of your yoga movements can include your baby (if they are awake!).

But the biggest benefit for baby is having a mum who is well rested, has been able to chat about motherhood with others in a similar situation, and has been supported to trust her instincts and enjoy the journey!

When and where?

Dates and times to be confirmed but this will be a weekday daytime class, launching in September. Sign up to my newsletter to keep updated.

How much does it cost?

You can book a block of 6 sessions for £48.

How do I book? 
Sign up to my newsletter to keep updated.

Private sessions

I am also able to offer you private post natal yoga sessions in the comfort of your own home. These are a great option if you struggle to make a group class, or if you have any particular issues surrounding your birth or recovery and would like some extra attention and support.

How much does a private session cost?

£35 for a 60 minute session. You can buy a course of 4 sessions for £100 (£25 per session).

Contact me to arrange.