Options for a positive caesarean birth

If you decide after in depth discussion with your medical team, that a planned caesarean is the best option for you and your baby, then there are some ways you can make it a more positive experience - a more mother and baby centred experience.

Here are some points you can discuss with your team:

  • Clear drapes can be used so you can see the moment your baby is born.
  • Ask for the drip to be placed in your non dominant arm to allow you freedom of movement when holding your baby.
  • Artificial oxytocin can be administered to make the uterus contract which pushes the baby out just like a vaginal birth. This has the effect of squeezing all the amniotic fluid from the baby’s lungs, throat and stomach so it isn’t congested as they often are after a caesarean birth.
  • Immediate skin to skin, keep baby with mum for the ‘golden hour’.  Tip - wear your hospital gown backwards to make this easier.
  • You can request your choice of music to be played during the birth.
  • Ask for delayed cord clamping and cutting.

    All of this can help give you a better start to breastfeeding and can help your bonding with baby.

Hypnobirthing techniques will be invaluable before, during and after the birth. Being relaxed and focusing on your breathing will help with the healing process and make the whole process much more manageable.