When should I start pregnancy yoga?

Anytime from 14 weeks of pregnancy, and the earlier the better :) You will notice the benefits whether you start early in your pregnancy or only join us towards the end.

I've never done any yoga before, does that matter?

Not at all, no previous experience is necessary. Most of my clients are new to yoga, or beginners when they start pregnancy yoga, and they love it! The best way to find out is to give it a try.

Is pregnancy yoga going to help with my birth?

In my Birthlight yoga classes, there is a big focus on the birth, preparing your body and helping you understand the birth process. You will strengthen the muscles needed during birth, and train your body to be able to stay relaxed which will help throughout labour. We also look at different positions you may find suitable for giving birth in.

I have a regular yoga practice already, will I find this class too slow?

If you have a previous, regular yoga practice you may wish to continue moving. You can swap to a pregnancy yoga class as soon as you feel ready to do so - just be sure to practice adhering to the general modification safety guidelines and do's and don'ts suggested for pregnancy. 
My class is tailored to suit everyone and everyone is welcome. Some weeks my class is more active, other weeks it is more nurturing. And as your pregnancy progresses, it is best to listen to your body and adapt your practice to ensure you are working safely. You will pick up new sequences that are helpful for your baby's position and for your birth. I can show you how to modify your existing practice to ensure you are adhering to the general modification safety guidelines and do's and don'ts suggested for pregnancy.  Feel free to have a chat with me if you are unsure, you can always try the first week and see how you get on.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable and unrestrictive. Leggings and a tshirt is fine. The main thing is to ensure you are comfortable.

Do I need to bring anything?

I encourage you to bring a pillow or cushion and a blanket so you can make yourself really comfortable during our relaxation.

Why do I need to complete a booking form?

I ask all attendees to complete my booking form to make me aware of any pre-existing health conditions or ailments so that I can tailor any postures to your condition or in extreme cases, advise against practice. It is your responsibility to update me if your health conditions change. If your baby is in an unusual position and you are past 34 weeks, please let me know. 

How often should I practice?

I run weekly classes but to get the most out of your practice, I recommend you also incorporate some yoga at home. This is a great DVD to use in between classes and will build on the knowledge you gain at my class.