Do I need to have been diagnosed with PTSD to work with you?

No, absolutely not. If you think you have been suffering from any of the symptoms of PTSD following birth, then my sessions can treat those symptoms regardless of whether you have had a formal diagnosis or not. 

My traumatic birth was many years ago, can you still help me?

Yes. The rewind treatment I use will work regardless of how long ago you suffered the original trauma. I have worked with clients whose birth was 4 years ago and it has totally transformed their lives.

I can't talk about my traumatic birth, it upsets me too much.

You don't have to retell your story if you aren't comfortable doing so. But I am here to listen to you if you need to be heard. It is entirely up to you, the treatment will be just as effective. There is no right or wrong, it has to be led by you and how you feel.

My birth wasn't 'traumatic' on paper but it has really affected me. Can you help me?

I hear from many women who feel that, on paper, their birth wasn't traumatic and they don't always understand why they have been so affected by it, why they are still suffering. Trauma can occur for many reasons, and so if you feel that it was traumatic you are the only person that counts. There is no judgement on what is or isn't traumatic. The rewind treatment will help you by lifting the symptoms of PTSD that you have been suffering with, and will allow you to move on with your life.

I feel embarrassed to discuss what I'm feeling. I have been told that I should be happy to have a healthy baby and just move on, but I can't.

We have been told for a long time that 'a healthy baby is all that matters' and it isn't true. A healthy baby is of course the most important thing for all families, but it isn't the only thing that matters. You matter to. Your mental health matters. Your emotions matter. Your experience matters. Because birth, no matter how it happens, is important. It is a huge event in a woman’s life that she will remember in great detail for the rest of her life.

I have been diagnosed with Post Natal Depression, can I still get treatment for my traumatic birth?

PTSD is not always correctly diagnosed and can be confused with PND, but they need to be treated differently. Often the symptoms overlap and PTSD, if left untreated, can certainly lead to PND so it is important to treat the PTSD first. Once you are free from the symptoms of PTSD, you have the opportunity to tackle the PND (which may require additional sessions with a qualified therapist).
If you have been diagnosed with PND but feel you may be suffering from symptoms of PTSD then the rewind treatment will definitely help you. We can discuss this in your free consultation.

I'm pregnant again and am so scared. It has bought back all the feelings from my traumatic birth and I can't bear the thought of going through that again. Can you help me?

Yes, I absolutely can help you. Firstly, we will treat the symptoms of your traumatic birth using the rewind technique. Then we can discuss how you begin to prepare for this birth. We can talk through all your options and I can get you feeling confident about your birth, whichever route you decide is right for you. We can work through all the things that happened in your previous birth and identify what can be done differently this time round. I have helped many of my clients to prepare for birth following a previously traumatic experience. Here is just one of their stories:

"We completed Jenny's private hypnobirthing class as preparation for the birth of our 2nd baby. Following the traumatic induction, labour and birth of my first baby I was very anxious about giving birth again and the possibility of being induced again. 
In the run up to the birth, I felt far more relaxed this time, and in control. I went into labour naturally at 40+6 and had a lovely short labour 4 hours in total. I'm sure that hypnotherapy was responsible both for length of labour and ensuring I went into labour naturally.
I would have been happy to use pain relief but I didn't need to use it this time thanks to the hypnobirthing. The hypnotherapy tracks helped me remain really focused.
Throughout pregnancy, Jenny was very supportive and she and the hypnobirthing gave me the confidence to push to have the birth I wanted. 
I would highly recommend." S & M, Llantrisant