What is hypnobirthing?

Do you want to feel less frightened of birth? Have more confidence in your body? Allow your body to birth instinctively? Learn tools and techniques to help you approach birth with excitement and not fear? Stay in control of your birth, whichever direction it may take?

The You, Me & Baby hypnobirthing course will give you the tools you need to prepare for a positive birth.

I will teach you:

  • Natural ways to deal with pain
  • How your body works during labour and how you can help it
  • What impact fear and anxiety can have on your body during birth, and how to overcome
  • Tools to increase trust and confidence in your body
  • How to achieve deep relaxation to stay calm and in control of your birth
  • Practical things your birth partner can use to support you throughout your birth
  • An easy to use approach which works in the current UK maternity system (no words are banned!)
 Birth preparation as a couple. Hypnobirthing Cardiff

Birth preparation as a couple. Hypnobirthing Cardiff

What are the benefits of hypnobirthing?

Clinical research has shown that for women using hypnosis for birth there is:

  • A reduction in length of labour
  • Less reported pain
  • Reduction in medical intervention and use of forceps or ventouse
  • Reduced Caesarean rate
  • Reduced need for pharmacological anaesthesia

Other benefits to mum include:

  • During your pregnancy, you will take time out to relax on a regular basis and you will spend time bonding with your baby
  • You will learn to enter a deep relaxation at will
  • If you have a positive birth experience, your postnatal recovery is likely to be far quicker and easier

Benefits to baby:

  • When mum is able to birth calmly and instinctively, the baby will receive high levels of oxygen and lower levels of stress hormones
  • Babies tend to have higher APGAR scores (the measure of a newborn babies health immediately after birth)
  • Babies born in this way tend to stay calm, quiet and alert once they are born.

Benefits to the birth partner:

  • Understand what your partner needs in order for her to birth instinctively
  • Increased confidence in your ability to support your partner
  • Learn practical tools and techniques to help you both during labour
  • Understand your choices and gain confidence to work with the medical team in a postive way
  • Learn tools to help you stay calm and relaxed

Click here for more information about what my antenatal course will teach you.

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